Members Use of Toowoomba Jump Clubs Facilities

Sand Areans

Cross Country Course Use

The cross country course may be used by members however they must be accompanied by an adult.
Additionally the RASQ must be contacted to let them know that you are using the cross country. RASQ Contact web page Ph: 07 4634 7400
The Show Grounds office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
Back protectors and helmets must be worn by riders while using the Cross Country.

You may not use the cross country 4 weeks prior to a competition that will use the cross country course as per the National Eventing rules below.

EA 536.5 CNC/CCN Practice restrictions No athlete may compete on a horse which has had the opportunity to practise over any of the obstacles, except where the course is generally available for schooling. In this case, no athlete may have practised on any of the obstacles to be used in the competition for four weeks (28 days) before the competition.
Exemptions to the four-week time closure may be requested in writing to the Chairman of Equestrian Australia Eventing Committee (EAEC).

Sand Areans

You MUST contact Kathy Humphrey to check if the area is booked for an event that will preclude use of the facility.
Kathy Humphrey
Phone: 0407 132 281