Working Bee

Most clubs are run by a few hard-working members.
To counter this a Working Bee Levy is paid to encourage members to assist the running of the club.
This was implemented to try and keep membership fees at a reasonable level and additionally to try to even out the load of work in running the club.
If a member or an associate (non-member e.g. parent or friend) have done about 3 hours voluntary work for the club during a year then the working bee levy you have paid is carried forward to the next year so the next years membership is just the membership fee. If a member has performed the requisite work in a year and ceases membership the subsequent year then member may request for a refund of the working bee.

What is considered a Working Bee time

Joining in at club activities e.g. rails at a height class day when you are participating is not considered as part of a working bee. However helping set up the jumps prior to a Height class day is considered to be contributing to your working bee. Generally Working Bee time is doing something for the club that the club may have had to pay someone to do. Examples are: Painting jumps; Being a cross country steward during an event; pencilling at a dressage activity.
If the member is recompensed in any way then the time is not considered contributing to a working bee. (Includes refunds for any activity.)